Seminars and Workshops

We offer compelling and customizable content in our healthcare management trainings and workshops which can either be delivered in-house at client locations or at other upscale venues within and outside the country. We partner with internationally recognized institutions to certify our programs.

We also have well-crafted executive development programs that enhance the leadership and strategic management skills of participants.

Our trainings are divided into several categories, mainly dependent on the classes of individuals that are being trained. The categories of trainings that we organize are as follows:

  • Executive development: We organize leadership and management trainings for managers of healthcare facilities, chief medical directors, and other directors of healthcare organizations. The aim of these trainings is to improve healthcare management, and leadership in the healthcare sector.
  • Training, workshops and capacity building for individuals: We organize capacity building programs for specified individuals e.g. front desk officers, secretaries, customer service providers, project managers etc. for the purpose of equipping them further, to ensure better performance at their jobs. We also provide training on general workspace behavior for this set of trainees.


  • Training and capacity building for medical personnel: We organize trainings for the personnel of healthcare establishments such as hospitals, HMOs, pharmacies, Ministry of health, laboratories, healthcare related NGOs and other healthcare organizations. The participants are equipped with skills that are necessary for the enhancement of their performance as workers in the healthcare space. They are also trained on the appropriate behavioral standards suitable for the healthcare space in relation to patients, visitors and their colleagues.
  • Training of new company staff on company ethics and practice: We are also involved in the training and capacity building of new recruits of healthcare companies and organizations, as well as for employees of newly set up healthcare establishments. The purpose of these trainings is to indoctrinate the new staff in the ethics and acceptable practices of the company, and general acceptable behavior of working in a healthcare environment.

Blended Learning Programs

The Redbridge School combines online classes, face-to-face sessions, and virtual collaboration to deliver certified healthcare management diploma courses. These programs usually last for 6 months and are flexible enough. They also typically include a one-week overseas residential module at the end of the course.

Study Tours​

Our study tours are designed to change thinking paradigms and to encourage peer learning. These study tours are typically very exciting and allow participants to discover new perspectives or different approaches to dealing with healthcare challenges faced in their native work environments. We organize open study tours (anyone can participate) and customized study tours (for a specific group, e.g. a State Government team).