About Us

What We're All About

Redbridge School of Healthcare Management is a unit of the Redbridge Healthcare Group. Our team is focused on improving the quality of healthcare personnel in Africa by building the knowledge and skill capacity required to manage and lead healthcare systems, services, or businesses in Nigeria, and across Africa.

Our comprehensive portfolio of short courses and custom programmes enable healthcare staff and executives to maximize their personal impact and transform the performance of their team, service or organisation.

We believe that constant trainings cannot be overemphasized for persons and organizations that intend to thrive for a long time, therefore, our goal is to improve their performances and competencies, to be able to achieve present expectations and necessities, especially in the healthcare space. We have a visionary approach to learning, continually exploring creative and innovative ways of delivering quality training programs to our clients.

We are a world-class training school, and we intend to make a significant impact on the overall experience of healthcare by Africans.

Redbridge School of Healthcare Management is experienced through:

Our Passion

We are progressively passionate in our desire to see healthcare in Africa at its highest peak by improving health people, health systems and health spaces,ultimately transforming the quality of lives around us. This passion is conveyed in every aspect of our capacity building programs. We ignite passion for change in every one of our participants.

Our Excellence

Excellence is a defining value ingrained in everything we do: We are intentional about content, faculty, and affiliate quality. Everything we do speaks excellence. We seek to inspire the best in our participants by first mirroring excellence.

Our Community

Redbridge School of Healthcare Management has a large,vibrant, growing network of like-minded innovators of various healthcare professionals from different backgrounds, mental faculties, and experiences from around the world which nurture new and creative thinking. Our community encourages interactions from various viewpoints and perspectives to drive desired changes across the health care spectrum.

Our Innovation

We operate a “new thinking for healthcare Philosophy”. We believe that we can make no significant changes if things are consistently done the same way.In light of this, we consistently update our curriculum, faculty, techniques and affiliations to keep abreast with latest innovations and trends that will make the healthcare industry more effective.

Our Convenience

Learn as you earn. At Redbridge School of Healthcare Management, we encourage and offer you the opportunity to Study While You Work: Healthcare professionals can study anywhere, anytime through our variety of offline and online offerings. They can instantly apply all the learning they do on the go. There are various hands on experiences and learning strategies offered thorough our worships and study tours as well.