Improving Health Systems in Africa

We put together the most effective trainings, seminars, study tours, workshops and other capacity building sessions, and our courses have proven to be highly effective over the years.

What we stand for


We are progressively passionate in our desire to see healthcare in Africa at its highest peak by improving health people, health systems and health spaces,ultimately transforming the quality of lives around us. This passion is conveyed in every aspect of our capacity building programs. We ignite passion for change in every one of our participants.


Excellence is a defining value ingrained in everything we do: We are intentional about content, faculty, and affiliate quality. Everything we do speaks excellence. We seek to inspire the best in our participants by first mirroring excellence.


We operate a “new thinking for healthcare Philosophy”. We believe that we can make no significant changes if things are consistently done the same way.In light of this, we consistently update our curriculum, faculty, techniques and affiliations to keep abreast with latest innovations and trends that will make the healthcare industry more effective.


We are devoted to providing quality and workable solutions to real problems in the healthcare industry, and this is reflected in the quality of the content of our courses and facilitators.

Past Training

Avoiding Burnouts

Health professionals arguably have the most stressful job description. Being in a position to make decisions that could determine whether a patient dies or lives cannot be the easiest position to be.
However, it is possible to have a good work life and not be stressed out and frustrated.

Why Choose Us

Expert Facilitators

Our facilitators are trained and motivated people who have in mind, our goal of improving the Nigerian healthcare industry. They are bent on equipping the trainees with requisite knowledge, and imparting their motivation and passion to the trainees.

Trusted Certification

All our certified courses are trusted and verifiable. We have affiliations with international institutions for some of our courses and at the end of those courses, we offer certificates from those institutions. If your goal is to get relevant certifications, we are your best bet.

Well Equipped Classrooms

Our classrooms are well equipped for the comfort and productivity of our trainees.

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The Redbridge School team are amazing, interesting, energetic and elegant. I had fun at the customer service proficiency in healthcare training.
Kelechi Glory
I am so glad i attended the training, i enjoyed the training. God bless your efforts.
Bada Margret
I enjoyed the training, looking forward to more.
Noella Ogbeide
Redbridge School has helped understand what it truly means tobe a healthcare manager.
Chidera Asogwa

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